Indie Author Series: Pricing your eBook

I'll bet the first thing you asked yourself when you completed your 200+ page novel after weeks and months of blood, sweat, and tears was, "how much am I gonna sell this for?" What? No? Well, my friend, you are in good company. The problem is that there is no magic price point. Every project … Continue reading Indie Author Series: Pricing your eBook

Do word counts count?

Other articles you might like:¬† Do word counts count 2018 update How is the virus changing preferred book formats? There are surprisingly few articles on the subject of word and page counts in novel writing. Yet, it is something that perplexes many indie authors. According to Colleen Lindsay, associate director for marketing, social media and … Continue reading Do word counts count?

YA Author Series: Editing

In my day job, I do quite a bit of non-fiction writing. Even though I've been writing non-fic for many years, I'm better known professionally for my proofing and editing. Co-workers cringe when I draw out my trusty red pen.So, when I made the leap into fiction writing, editing was waiting for me like an … Continue reading YA Author Series: Editing

YA Author Series: Let’s Talk About Barnes & Noble

Welcome to the YA Author Series, a bi-weekly discussion on indie publishing topics brought to you by the Young Adult Indie Carnival crew. Amazing, isn't it? The renovated power plant on the harbor in Baltimore is my favorite Barnes & Noble store. Giant smoke stacks rise up through the¬†floors as escalators with their visible mechanics … Continue reading YA Author Series: Let’s Talk About Barnes & Noble