YA Author Series: Keywords and Tags

bryna butlerI’m constantly experimenting with keywords and tags. They are a must need for any author trying to sell books online. Tags can help readers find your books. Amazon has what I feel is the most advanced system for tag/keyword use.

If you publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, you can designate two categories for your books and up to seven keywords. Use these. Amazon takes into Continue reading “YA Author Series: Keywords and Tags”

Indie Author Series: The Great & Powerful

Good morning bookish friends. This week I’m posting on the road. I’ve spent the week on business in Kansas City, currently pulsing with excitement over March Madness and the new Wiz of Oz movie.

I have to admit that I feel a bit like Dorothy sometimes… timidly shuffling down the yellow brick road of book publishing. Sometimes I find a Tin Man like my friends Suzy Turner or Laura Elliott who have big hearts when it comes to helping their fellow indie writers. Sometimes it’s a lion like T.R. Graves who Continue reading “Indie Author Series: The Great & Powerful”