Indie Author Series: Pricing your eBook

I’ll bet the first thing you asked yourself when you completed your 200+ page novel after weeks and months of blood, sweat, and tears was, “how much am I gonna sell this for?”

What? No? Well, my friend, you are in good company.

The problem is that there is no magic price point. Every project is different and so every price is different dependent on variables such as popularity of the author, length, demand on the genre, release timing, etc.

In a study released in May by Smashwords, $2.99 is the most common price for an indie novel, up from 99 cents in 2012.


The study also says that lower priced novels sell more (well, duh).


If you are wondering about the roller coaster-like dip at the left side of the chart, that is books priced between a dollar and $1.99. According to the study, books in that range performed below books at 99 cents and below books priced between $2.00 and $5.99. The highest peak is at $3-$3.99 which sold 4.3 times more than books priced over $10. Smashwords guru Mark Coker infers that $3.99 is high because there is a smaller pool of competition at that price point, which could change at any time especially since folks now know the results of the study.

See the Study Results for yourself.

Here’s another good article on pricing:

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