Update: MG#5, Book of the Lost

Gothic sorrowHere’s a quick update and questions answered for Midnight Guardian #5, Book of the Lost

Book of the Lost  picks up in the weeks after Shadows Rising. Shadows Rising ended in a whirlwind with the mogdocs clamoring over a lifeless Broo, Jumper’s timeless marriage proposal to Ann, Drew’s revealed power over the shadows, a mysterious book, Nana’s odd meeting with the Sect, and the question of Brun’s loyalty to Keira and her friends. Needless to say, Book of the Lost  will be jam-packed with action in preparation for the final book, Book 6 – House of Gammen which I plan to release at the end of the year.

***contains spoilers for first 4 books of the series***

Where is Book of the Lost?

The short answer…coming. I had originally intended to release it in late spring, but (as I love to say) it’s just not done “baking” yet and the last thing I want to do is give you a half-baked novel!! I expect *fingers crossed* to have it in final editing by the end of June. Stay tuned to this blog for announcements.

What’s Book of the Lost about?

In Shadows RisingChapter 10, Arden and August discover an ancient book with a tall feather embossed on the front cover. Arden recalls that Nedda had mentioned it earlier, though he didn’t know at the time what she meant. It is the Book of the Lost.

Here’s the scoop you won’t find in Shadows Rising…The feather on the front cover is the Feather of Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of balance and order. According to guardian lore, the book is very powerful and is known as a means of restoring the balance between good and evil. The book appears to be written in a language lost to time, but August will search to the ends of the Earth (and Atlantis) and interact with some of the banished continent’s most unsavory characters to learn its secrets for his daughter’s sake.

Book of the Lost is all about change. The gang moves toward graduation. Those previously untouchable will be defeated. Basic knowledge will be turned on its ear. Goodbyes will be said.

Is Broo dead?

Her funeral was a grand affair.

Will Keira be forced to choose between Colby and Brun?

You should know by now that Keira can’t be forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Will everyone make it past graduation?

Not likely.

Will we find out what Nana was doing with the Sect of Low?


Will characters from previous books come back?

Yes. My favorite three; Kendric Ryan, Nicola “Nana”, and Alfred Scott will be making appearances separately. I liken these three to Harry, Ron, and Hermione at retirement age.

Will there be more time traveling? 

Too much.

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