Summer Reading Preview: Whispering Evil

To kick off the summer reading season, enjoy this new sneak peek at Whispering Evil (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 2) which goes on sale mid June.

Her father was right. These were dangerous times and because of that, Keira had made carrying a weapon a habit. She carefully reached down to her ankle sheath. She loosened her dagger and held it in her right hand, partially hiding it under her sleeve.

She took one cautious step. Nothing. So, she took another and another until she was at the entrance to the alley. She still couldn’t see anything. It was completely dark. The buildings closed out what little light the moon was trying to provide.

“Is someone there?” she yelled.

Nothing. She took a few steps into the alley. Movement beside a dumpster nearly twenty feet away caught her attention.

She tried again. “Insane killer, come out, come out wherever you are.”   

Still no response.

She rounded upon the dumpster. There was nothing behind it but a few stray newspaper pages. With one hand, she carefully lifted the lid. It had recently been dumped and was empty except for a lone, sealed trash bag. The lingering stench was so bad, she found it hard to believe that anyone would want to hide there anyway. She let go of the cover with a thud that echoed through the alley.

Satisfied she tucked her dagger into the waistband of her jeans and pulled her hoodie over it. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She hurried out of the alley and turned back onto the sidewalk.

“Yaahhggg!” came a voice from behind her.

With lightning reflexes, Keira turned and gripped it by the neck. No…not it’s neck, his neck. Before thinking, she lifted her would-be assailant off the ground with a single hand.

 He choked and gasped as she held him at arm’s length. He kicked at her. Just as her mind caught up with her reaction, he got in a lucky shot to her stomach. She let go as she fell. He dropped to the ground.

He had knocked the breath out of her. “Ju…Ju…,” she huffed. She crawled over to where her friend, Jumper, lay unconscious on the sidewalk. Everything was blurry. She rubbed her eyes hard, over and over, trying to clear them enough to see through the uncontrolled tears. She touched his chest, but her hand was shaking so badly that she couldn’t tell if he was breathing. She reached for his neck again, this time to check for a pulse.

Book 1, Of Sun & Moon, is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Sony eReader Store and more.