Midnight Guardian #6 Pre-order Info

Thank you for all the love!! Here’s an advance look at the Prologue & First Chapter.


Forward to the Fall!
Here’s your hookup for pre-ordering HOUSE OF GAMMEN the 6th and final book in the Midnight Guardian series.

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Need to start at the beginning? Pick up the ebook edition of Book 1, OF SUN & MOON for FREE at all major online bookstores.


Read the exciting conclusion to the series that started with Of Sun & Moon, #1 Teen Supernatural Mystery, #1 Teen Romantic Mystery, #1 Time Travel on the US & UK Kindle Free Charts for January & February 2014.

With one friend trapped in time and the other chasing down a ghost, Keira Ryan must find it in herself to move past the damage caused by her misplaced trust and fulfill her destiny to bring forth the fall of the House of Gammen. Can she defeat the royal line before the gremlin-like creatures of Atlantis cross into our world?

All your favorite characters are back in House of Gammen, the perfect culmination of this teen, light fantasy series. Readers have fallen in love with the story based in magic, but set in the rural heartland of America.


YA Indie Carnival: Importance of the Wolf Pack

At the circus, everyone looks forward to the big show. It takes many folks to pull it off; from the ring master right down to the guy who cleans the elephant stalls.

Writing is like a circus.

The end product, a novel, is the big show that keeps everyone entertained. It takes many folks to get to that point; from the author right down to the guy who cleans up the grammar.

OK, I have to admit, I fail the test a little when it comes to assembling the wolf pack–that group of essentials to make a novel work, like proofers, editors, beta readers, cover designers, marketers, etc. I’m a bit of a lone wolf. (My New Year’s resolution was actually to become less of a control freak.) I design my own covers. However, I do so only because Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Importance of the Wolf Pack”