YA Indie Spotlight: RACHEL COLES

Rachel Coles, author of Pazuzu's Girl, Into the Ruins, and Beyond The Veil, lives with her family in Denver, Colorado. She works in public health disaster preparedness. She enjoys researching mythology to incorporate into story-telling. Her family and friends share her enthusiasm for fantasy and science fiction, she is the proud mom of one of the … Continue reading YA Indie Spotlight: RACHEL COLES

Best Indie Scares

YA Indie Carnival fans, you're in for a special treat this week. It's Best Indie Scares...BOO! I've got two for you, a recommendation and an excerpt. 1) The Recommendation For a chilling Halloween read, check out Beyond the Veil: A Ghost Story Anthology by fellow indie carnival author Rachel Coles. I highly recommend it. I remember reading … Continue reading Best Indie Scares