Fun Friday: Romantic Excerpts

WolfAs I ramble through my brain to think of what romantic scene I’d like to feature for today’s Valentines Day Fun Friday, I can’t help but laugh. A bunch of mine seem to end in someone getting hurt…physically. Drama – what ya gonna do?

Anyway, instead of sharing a scene from the Midnight Guardian series, I thought I’d share something from a work in progress. This is a little novel I’m calling Werewolf Biology. It’s about Sophie Frog, a girl who walks the line between two feuding werewolf packs in Alaska. Let me know what you think…

Shadows spread across the snow as the sun’s influence fades. Soon Connor appears behind me, leaning against the door frame. I don’t have to turn to see the beauty of his ruffled hair and soft skin, the glow that he carries inside. I lean back onto his legs. He settles on the step behind me, wrapping his arms around me. His wool shirt is itchy against my cheek, so I lean back into him more deeply. I close my eyes and know that somehow I’ve stolen another night with Connor. This can’t last.

“You don’t have to be scared,” he whispers. He brushes the long blond strands away from my face. His lips gently flutter up my neck and to my ear.

And I’m not. For the first time in the last two days I feel completely safe. Connor would never let anything happen to me. Now, it is my turn to ensure his safety.

“There it is,” I point, spotting the bright moon making its debut just above the trees. Connor is silent.

“Connor, do you see it?”

Still he doesn’t answer. I nuzzle into his chest. His heartbeat is constant, steady, just like its owner. A female heartbeat is typically faster than that of a male; however, our hearts are now beating as one. The breeze sweeps in and sends chills over my body. I shiver, and he pulls me tighter.

“Do you feel it?” he whispers.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m just getting cold.”

“After,” he breathes. “Has he told you to leave me?”

“What?” I ask.


I wriggle around so that I can see his honey eyes. Stress lays heavy on his face.

“I love you,” I say to him.

Before I know what is happening his lips crush mine. His kisses are urgent, needy. His hands slide down by back, eager to pull me still closer. “I love you, too,” he gasps between kisses. His words, barely spoken, are like a pepperoni special straight out of the oven, and I melt into him.

A howl sounds off in front of us.

“Ugghhh! Dad! We’re trying to have a moment here.”

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