YA Indie Carnival: Love Triangles

In honor of the epic love story that wraps on the big screen this week, the carnies are talking about LOVE TRIANGLES. I’ve written on the subject a few times already, so I thought I would get a fresh perspective on it. I decided to ask my sons: Justin (11) and Reece (8). You wouldn’t think that two pre-teen boys would have much to say on the subject. You would be wrong. Enjoy!

Me: What is a love triangle?
Reece: Triangles that are in love with each other. (giggles)
Justin: I know! I know! It’s three people that are in love.
Me: Well, sort of. A triangle is created when one person is possibly in love with two people, and usually those two people are both in love with the one person. Does that make sense? (both nod)

Me: So, what would be an example of…
Justin: Katniss and Gale and Peeta (before I even finish the question and with a little twinkle in his eye as he says Katniss’s name because he’s probably imagining a love square with him in the other corner – she can shoot a bow and arrow, to him she’s a goddess)
Me: That’s a good one, Justin. Any others?
Reece: On Good Luck CharlieĀ the Mom, the Dad, and her old high school boyfriend that she always talks about.
Justin: That’s Amy, Bob, and Bob Diddlebob
Me: Diddlebob Seriously? (both nod)
Justin: But the Mom isn’t really in love with Bob Diddlebob and he’s not even on the show, so it doesn’t count
Reece: Hey!
Justin: Love stinks, dude.

Me: Okay, so what makes a good love triangle?
Reece: Lots of fighting. Arghhhh! (with his fists in the air)
Justin: (nodding) When he’s right, he’s right.

Thanks boys, for the advice. I’m sure we are now well-prepared to write amazing love triangles. If you are not so sure, check out these other articles on the subject.

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