YA Indie Carnival Anniversary & Special Guest SARRA CANNON

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I am especially honored to have SARRA CANNON, author of the Peachville High Demons series, join the blog today for a guest post. Cannon fans know that Sarra’s been busy with a brand new little bundle of joy, but that hasn’t slowed her down. She’s putting the finishing touches on DEMONS FOREVER, the final installment of the Peachville novels, and has taken time out of her crazy schedule to reflect and share a special excerpt from Peachville #1, BEAUTIFUL DEMONS.

Harper Madison isn’t like other girls. She has extraordinary powers, but her inability to control them has gotten her
kicked from so many foster homes she’s lost count. Shadowford Home for Girls is her last chance, and she hopes Peachville High will be the fresh start she needs.

But when evidence ties her to the gruesome murder of a Demons cheerleader, Harper discovers this small town has a big secret.

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today! I am so excited to share a quick excerpt from Beautiful Demons with you. I decided on sharing this scene because it’s the first time Harper speaks with the mysterious Jackson. It’s her first day of school at Peachville High and she’s just had her first run-in with the Demons Cheerleaders. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well! Harper feels like she’s made her first enemies at Peachville High and goes outside to blow off some steam. That’s where she runs into the gorgeous Jackson Hunt.

What Is It With This Town And Cheerleaders?

I let out a frustrated gurgle and kicked the brick as hard as I could with my boot. Never in a million years did I dream my first day could go this badly. I wanted to go home, and it wasn’t even noon yet.

“Hit those bricks any harder and you just might bring the whole building down.”

I twirled around to see who was talking. I sucked in a tight breath when I saw Jackson Hunt standing there at the edge of the building, cigarette in hand and a ridiculously sexy smile on his face. He was even better looking up close than I thought he’d be.

“I’m serious,” he said. “You’ve got some kind of kick there. I’m impressed.”

I laughed, then groaned. “This is positively the worst first day of school ever.”

“And just think, it’s not over yet.”

“Thanks, that gives me something to look forward to,” I said.

He smiled. “I’m Jackson.”

“I know,” I said, then felt like smacking myself for admitting it. “I saw you from my window the other day. I’m Harper.”

“So, Harper, where did you learn to move objects with your mind?”

My eyes widened in surprise. No one had ever called me out like that before. I didn’t know how to respond. “If you’re just here to make fun of me, I think I’ve had enough for one day if you don’t mind,” I said, suddenly feeling very defensive. I waited for him to call me a witch or tell me I was some kind of freak.

“Whoa, that’s not what I mean. I think it’s pretty neat what you did in there.

I turned to study his face. He seemed to be telling the truth. “You don’t think I’m a complete nut-case?”

“No,” he said. “Trust me. Stranger things have happened.”

I leaned against the jagged bricks and sighed. Right. Stranger things than floating lunch trays? I doubted it.

“Don’t worry about it so much,” Jackson said. “It was kind of funny, really.”

“No, it was completely stupid. Everyone seems to worship those girls, so what do I do? Make them my enemies? Real smart.”

“Well, you made me laugh,” he said. He moved beside me and leaned one hand against the brick. “Plus, you have no idea how nice it was to see someone dump ketchup all over the precious Tori Fairchild.”

I wondered again what his relationship to her was. It was obvious they didn’t run in the same circles here at school, and yet she had practically been all over him the other night.

“I hope it was worth it. Because now she wants me dead.”

Jackson lowered his voice and leaned so close I could smell his shampoo.

“Something tells me you can hold your own against those girls.”

My palms began to sweat, and I felt suddenly short of breath at the nearness of him.

“Can I ask you a question?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Shoot.”

“Why does everyone worship them? I mean, they’re beautiful, but…” I shrugged. “Lots of people in this world are beautiful.”

“They’re popular because they’re cheerleaders,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “What is it with this town and cheerleaders? Jesus.”

Jackson laughed, making his green eyes come alive. My heart sort of melted a bit watching him. Then, he shook his head and squashed his cigarette into the ground.

“They’re poisonous, Harper. They get into your system and change you from the inside.” His expression smoothed over suddenly, like it was too much for him to explain. He pushed off the wall.

“Don’t let them get to you.”

His words fell heavy on my ears as I watched him walk away.

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