What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Jason and I love roller coasters. When we were first married, it wouldn’t be unusual for us to take off for the weekend to an amusement park. That seems like ages ago. Ah, good times…good times.

Anyway, earlier this summer, our youngest, Reece, finally made it to coaster height. We were thrilled. After the last ten summers stuck in kiddie land, we finally found our way back to the midway.

We immediately starting planning our vacation and picked a park that neither of us had ever been to, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Soon we were on our way to experience their new coaster, Verbolten.

Now I have two sons. Reece is seven (turning eight tomorrow – Happy B-Day Reecie Cup!) Reece is pretty fearless. He climbs everything and never backs down from a dare. My oldest, Justin, is a timid sort of guy. At ten-years-old he’s what my grandmother would have called a “worry wart”. His favorite question is “Is that poisonous?”

Knowing that Reece, fearless as he is, would still probably have some first-time anxiety and that Justin wouldn’t be any help in that department, I tried to psych both kids up the whole way. And it worked. By the time we entered the gates, they practically ran to Verbolten.

It was an overcast, cool day. The lines were small as everyone stayed away fearing rain. In just a few minutes, we wound through cool sets and into the queue to take our seats for our journey into the Black Forest. Justin started throwing me sideways glances. I could tell that the excitement I had sparked was starting to dim. Jason and Justin took the car in front of Reece and I. After the restraints locked into place, Reece started to look a little concerned too.

We started on our path in usual coaster fanfare, but then suddenly found ourselves launched into a building and completely in the dark. Some stuff happened. Unpredictable stuff. There’s not much that surprises me on a coaster anymore, but I didn’t see this one coming.

After the big surprise, we were sitting in the dark, pitch dark, like can’t-see-the-tip-of-your-nose dark, and quiet…too quiet. I put a hand on him and say “Reece, are you alright?” And from the void I hear back…


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One thought on “What I Did on my Summer Vacation

  1. Bryna.. you’re so BRAVE!! I’ve always been the ‘worry wart’, the coward. I am terrified of roller coasters, I am terrified of huge heights, I am terrified of getting hurt. However, at the beginning of this year I told myself this was the year I was going to be braver. The furthest I’ve got so far is cutting off all my hair (!) but I’m not backing down yet. I’ve a pilot friend who has offered to take me up in his little plane. I’ve said yes but I’m just waiting for his call! I hope I have the courage to do it! Perhaps you can lend me some of yours when the time comes!?

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