YA Indie Carnival: This week’s topic is what?

I’ve mentioned in this blog before that even as a teen, I walked the straight and narrow. I’ve always been a good girl. I guess that’s why I had to ask for clarification when I received this week’s topic “LOL! Yeah, that. 4/20 scenes. They go to 11.”

I had absolutely no idea. My mind was a complete blank.

So, like every normal person in today’s society, I googled it.

Dead end there. The only things that popped up were pages with the date 4/20 in the text. Finally, a fellow carnie made a reply that shined some light on it for me. Ohhhh! Pot…mary jane…they’re talking about marijuana. Right? I felt a little like the oooh cat from Puss in Boots.

Sorry, I don’t have any book excerpts that focus on the wacky weed. However, I did stumble across the following selection from Midnight Child about the absolutely wacky Nedda (no weed required). Nedda is Arden’s former mentor and the official historian of the guardians. She holds every detail of that history in her head and thus has been “driven mad by the details”. Hope you find her madness as delightful as I do. Enjoy.

“I do not intend to stay that long,” he said. He couldn’t stay long. That was the thing about Nedda. The longer you stayed, the crazier she became. “I just need…”

He was at a loss for words. What did he need? He needed answers. That’s why he was here, but before he could say that, Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: This week’s topic is what?”