Fun Friday: Road Trippin’

funfridaysOkay, yes, I know this is Saturday, not Friday, but I have a super good reason. This week the talented authors of The Society of YA Storytellers are blogging on their best/worst travel experiences as an author, and it just so happens that this week I’m blogging from UtopYA Con 2014.

What’s UtopYA con (and don’t you know there’s no Y in utopia)?

UtopYA is a con for readers and writers of YA fiction. Get it now? It’s held in Nashville every June. I happened upon it last year and had such a fun and inspiring experience that I bought my ticket for this year’s just weeks after last year’s event. Continue reading “Fun Friday: Road Trippin’”

Indie Life: Passion in Fandom

IndieLife7Every second Wednesday of the month, indie writers band together to post a little inspiration for the journey.

As I think of my indie life recently, one word comes immediately to mind…passion.

Not as in the *blush* New Adult genre that is so quickly gaining popularity, and not as in passion for the writing process per-say. The passion that I think of is that wonderfully, goofy feeling you get when you know, just know, you’ve stumbled across a story that is going to be your next obsession.

  • You imagine every setting in detail, as if you were the architect.
  • You guess and theorize on what’s next.
  • You roam the internet for any extra Team Whoever badge, sneak peeks, and tidbits.
  • You pick out what celebrities would play the characters in a movie.

I have a friend that actually shed tears when she first stepped into Hogsmeade at Universal Studios Florida. Real tears, and for what? A story. A great story.

This week, I’ve been completely obsessed with watching pics and news from the shooting of the new Morganville Web Series, based on the Morganville Vampire books by Rachel Caine. I am so excited for this show, all because I absolutely loved the stories first. Well, that and have you seen Jordan Farris, Chase Jeffrey, and Ben Easter? Whoa, mama!  (witness my obsession with MV first-hand at

And therefore, my dear writer friends, as your inspiration this month in your Indie Life journey, I ask you to make a new goal. Write a story, not for monetary gain, critical acceptance, or notoriety; write a story for your fans for they are the real passion behind this craft. I challenge YOU to write the story that will create an all-out, teary-eyed, jumpin’ on the couch, squeal with delight, geek out for your readers.

Already written it? Tell me and my readers about it in the comments on this post. (Shameless plug opportunity, you know you want to…)



YA Indie Carnival: Personal Ad for Famous Character

This post contains spoilers for the Mortal Instruments series**


This week for the YA Indie Carnival, we are writing personal ads for famous characters. I just arrived back from Washington D.C., so my post is a day late which gave me the wonderful opportunity to peruse the ads by my fellow carnies first. They are so much fun! Be sure to check out Suzy Turner’s ad for Katniss Everdeen and play along with KC Blake by guessing the character the ad is about.

As for me, many of you know that lately I’ve been totally enthralled by the Mortal Instruments series. Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival: Personal Ad for Famous Character”