It’s All English, Ain’t It?

british vs american grammar and spellingSeveral months ago, I helped a fellow indie author with some final proofreading on her novel. When I opened her draft, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe all the spelling and grammar errors from an author that had been listed in at least one of Amazon’s top lists. Then, I realized she had not lost her mind, she’s British.

As an American author, I knew that there were some differences between American English and English across the Pond. However, I was blissfully ignorant to the extent of those differences. I write this today in the hope of helping other American indie authors find their way when writing for British audiences. I am not an expert on the subject, but here are some things that I’ve noticed along the way. Please research local style guides before making your final edits.

Don’t forget the U

We’ll start off with an easy one. Most Americans realize that several words Continue reading “It’s All English, Ain’t It?”