Justin and Steel go for it


As I write this, the hubby and my eldest are at the barn prepping for today’s lamb show. It’s County Fair week in our neck of the woods. This is home to the largest junior fair in the entire state. The whole community practically shuts down for it.

Last year, Justin took home the trophy for Grand Champion market lamb and he’s making another run for it today with his lamb, Steel. (Pictured are his lambs Dex and Steel.) Tomorrow, he’ll show his steer, Charlie, in the beef show. He’s already earned first place ribbons in hay and soybeans and a second place in corn. I’m most proud of the work that he’s done to prepare. Hours upon hours at the barn isn’t usually the highlight of a video game-obsessed, 10-year-old’s summer.

So that’s it. Just wanted to step away from the writer’s desk for a bit to be a proud mama. Thanks for indulging me.

YA Indie Carnival…Location! Location! Location!

From the trapeze artist’s tent, I can hear the barker calling already, “Location! Location! Location!”. This week at the YA Indie Carnival the topic is Settings.

I am constantly enamored by the rural vistas of the Ohio River Valley (above). This photo actually comes from my farm which was the inspiration for the Hayes Family Farm in the Midnight Guardian series. One of the things I love most about those novels is that they give me the chance to write about a place that is very familiar, the Hayes Farm, and a place that is completely make believe, the Mogdoc Empire, a land of endless midnight sealed from the human world.

I’m currently working on a werewolf trilogy set Continue reading “YA Indie Carnival…Location! Location! Location!”