Fun Friday: Inspiration


Aahhh! Friday feels so good. AND this Friday is extra special because it’s also Fun Friday. It’s that special day that comes about every other week when members of The Society of YA Storytellers come together to blog on a common topic.

The topic for this Fun Friday is Inspiration. Where do authors find it? Scratch that. Where does anyone find it?

Some find it in music. In my early career, Continue reading “Fun Friday: Inspiration”

My Top 10 Summer Blockbuster Quotes of 2014

Every other Friday, the novelists of The Society of YA Storytellers blog on a common topic for fun or education, but mostly for fun. It’s called “Fun Friday” after all!

This week’s topic: Summer Blockbusters! Being the movie geek that I am I couldn’t pass this one up without my own creative twist. Instead of giving you my picks for the summer, I’ve decided to pull out my favorite quotes from this summer’s blockbuster movies. The awesome begins now… Continue reading “My Top 10 Summer Blockbuster Quotes of 2014”