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Aahhh! Friday feels so good. AND this Friday is extra special because it’s also Fun Friday. It’s that special day that comes about every other week when members of The Society of YA Storytellers come together to blog on a common topic.

The topic for this Fun Friday is Inspiration. Where do authors find it? Scratch that. Where does anyone find it?

Some find it in music. In my early career, I spent many hours behind a radio soundboard. Knowing this, you’d think I have a pretty honed musical preference. I don’t. In college radio practicum, they teach that a mainstream format is sometimes called “middle of the road”. Well, my classmates called my style, “all over the road”.

I like what I like. Mostly I side with rock or pop, but I’ve been known to pull out country or rap or even classical if the mood strikes me right. While I’m the last person on earth anyone would want a playlist from, here are a few of the songs that I’ve found inspiration in this year:

Empire performed by Shakira

Say Something performed by A Great Big World

Let it Go performed by Indina Menzel

Come With Me Now performed by Kongos

Shatter Me performed by Lindsey Stirling (obsessed with her right now)

I love movies and TV, so I often find inspiration in them too. I’m finding that the one that provokes me to write the most is Doctor Who. The creativity in the scripts and characters is amazing. Also, when I write, I often put in a teen movie to keep me in the mood: Divergent, Hunger Games, The Host, Vampire Academy, and Pitch Perfect are the ones I typically pull. Probably reciting them in my sleep by now.

Lastly, there is one more bit of inspiration I’d like to share with you. This morning, I was asked to give an inspirational moment for a small group. I shared with them Disney’s I Am A Princess poem. Love this one which first aired on Disney channel two years ago (I believe).

So many times when we talk about strong female role models we talk about intelligence or physical strength. This poem shows that it is those things, but also more. Being strong is also about being honest and loyal, brave and loving, standing up for others, facing issues with grace, and having the heart to do your best no matter what it takes.