Fun Friday: Best of “Host a Storyteller”


It’s Fun Friday again for The Society of YA Storytellers. This week’s theme is “Host a Storyteller”. I had the privilege of matching up authors this week. Since I stepped out this week to facilitate the matches, I thought I’d showcase them all!

Here’s my Best of “Host a Storyteller”:

Heather Hildenbrand tells Liz Long that she’d pick Stefan over Damon because “…I reallly don’t want to have to worry about whether my boyfriend killed anybody today. Seems kind of exhausting.”   >Read full post here

Christy Sloat shares a look at the Visitors Series on K.C. Blake’s blog. >Read full post

K.C. Blake gives a sneak peek at Warrior, Order of the Spirit Realm #3 coming this summer >Read full post

Liz Long admits that given the choice of facing Mordor (Lord of the Rings) or Death Eaters (Harry Potter), she’d chose Death Eaters because “that means I’m not being chased by Orcs.”  >Read full post

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