Fun Friday: Divergent! I am ?

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factionDivergent! This week’s topic has me smiling. So excited for the movie, maybe because I could never bring myself to read book 3 after reading the reviews. In my mind, I still have the world of Tris and Four intact; Allegiant sitting on my kindle with not a page read.

Anywho, for Fun Friday, we’re taking a look at ourselves and how we’d score on the nefarious aptitude test from books. But can we honestly look at ourselves. Nice thought, but I doubt it. So, I went to the Divergent experts at and took their really cool Faction Quiz.

I ended up Erudite. Which isn’t great if you’ve read the books, but it does mean that I’m a smarty pants, duh!

I had a feeling it would turn out this way. I do well on tests and tend to dwell on the details a little too much. However, even though this test has marked me as such, my astounding Erudite intellect (*insert snicker here) leads me to the fact that we live in a world where we can be all these things if we want. How awesome would it be to be brave, selfless, smart, peaceful, and honest all at once. Maybe it’s time we try.