News from the land of the walking dead

A small smile spread across my face Thursday night as I sat in a sterile, white exam room in the hospital’s Urgent Care unit.

One might find it strange, certainly because of the place, but also because it had already been a very long week. Flu and pneumonia had wiped out half of my co-workers, leaving the rest of us to scurry about to get everything done while trying to suppress the coughing and other symptoms that we were starting to show. Exhausted every night, I would finally make my way home where the same struggles followed me. Where a sick hubby (which is 10x worse than sick kids, ask anyone) grumped around like a mighty bear; and where Niquil and a comfy bed tempted me from dishes which were starting to stack up in the sink.

But amidst all this I had to smile when my oldest son, having just been diagnosed with walking pneumonia looked up at the doctor with wide-eyes and asked, “Does this mean I can’t go see Jurassic Park 3D tomorrow?”

He’s my boy.

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