Adventures of Gals and Gizmos

Once again, I contributed a story to the Brave New Girls anthology, which benefits college scholarships awarded by The Society of Women Engineers.

I was pleased to see the list of authors this time with a bunch of interesting titles. Including Mary Fan’s sci-fi retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales, The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

This year’s edition is called Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals and Gizmos and it includes my new short story, Let the Numbers Show Truth.

I’m excited for you to meet Stella Purser, the “gal” of the story, and see the future Earth I’ve built for her adventure.

Stella is one smart cookie. Armed with a passion for figuring probabilities and an extraordinary attention to detail, she sets out on her first day as the youngest intern at the First Intergalactic Bank and Trust.

After a rocky first impression with the bank manager, she thinks her day can’t get worse.

She is wrong. Very wrong.

Upon the arrival of an alien dignitary, a bomb goes off in the heart of the bank. When Stella and the mischievously charming junior security officer, Fox, are among the few that are clear of the blast, it’s up to them to secure the bank and track down the bomber.

Did I forget to mention that the bank is underwater?

The paperback is available from some stores now. The ebook releases July 9. You can order/preorder now.