Indie Life: The Perfect Book Convention

As you’ve probably discovered on my Instagram, my little sis joined me at a recent book convention. She’s a school administrator and has attended more than her share of conventions from the education side. In my day job as a banker, I have attended and helped coordinate quite a few as well, although those tend to be more technology focused.

225255_2065005309492_8122806_nIt didn’t take long before we started talking about the cool twists of the book con as well as the old standbys that were second nature at cons we’ve attended, but simply didn’t exist in the bookish equivalent. From there, it wasn’t a far leap before we started marrying the two and in no time we were planning our own con…the perfect book convention.

Okay, so it was just for fun. More or less. We’re not putting on a con, well, probably not, so settle down. Still it was fun thinking about what we could bring to the table from our experiences. The coolest idea to come from the pool was to expand the typical author and fangirl conference into one that served authors, fans, AND librarians and educators.

Think about it. Librarians and reading teachers together with some of our most talented indie writers in a cooperative atmosphere. Did you feel that? Oooh! I just got a chill too.

So far, the indie market has done little to loosen traditional publishing’s iron clad grip on schools. Maybe this would be the wedge that opens the door to change.

That’s just my two cents worth. I’d love to hear your ideas for the perfect book con. Leave’em in the comments on this post.