Fun Friday: Top 5 YA Couples


It’s Fun Friday! Yahooooo!!!

This week’s topic? It is June…i.e. wedding time and the Society has asked us to write about the Top 5 YA Couples we want to see live happily ever after.

I’ve read about so many great couples and asked for suggestions all week long, and here’s what I’ve come up with…

5. Daemon & Katy – Lux daemon katy

I’m typically not a sci-fi girl, but this series set in West Virginia was just a little too close to home to pass up. Daemon is cocky, but handsome alien boy. Katy is the new girl next door. Teen angst ensues turning into a love that is as big as the ‘verse.

4. Harry & Ginny – Harry Potter harry ginny

There aren’t many couples who we get to follow for so long, as they mature separately to eventually find each other in their teen years and even get a glimpse at their happily ever after family years down the road. I love watching this romance bud and bloom.

3. Tristan & Scarlet – Archers of AvalonAwry Cover Darker copy 1600x2400

The relationship that ends with a broken heart, literally…and over and over again. A cursed arrow can really throw a kink in a relationship. 

2. Simon & Isabelle – Mortal Instrumentstumblr_mmjopuUg1b1r6yxyso1_500

I like strong girls. I like smart boys. So this is a match made in Heaven (or Idris or technically, New York). This Shadowhunter/Downworlder match is one of my favorite simmering romances.

Drum Roll, please…

1. Shane & Claire – Morganville Vampires


Yes, I’m going to gush about Morganville again. Love this series. Shane and Claire are anything but perfect apart, but when they come together there’s always fireworks (or maybe that’s just a flame thrower). By the way – pic is of Lindsay Seidel and Jordan Farris goofing off on set. They will be playing Shane and Claire in the upcoming Morganville web series that will be airing on Geek & Sundry’s channel on YouTube.

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