Going into 2014

Those who know me well, know that I’m not the most organized person in the world. Sure, my laundry’s hopelessly backed up, I have five (count’em five) drawers that are perma-classified as catch-all junk drawers, and my Christmas decorations (though in boxes) are still sitting at the bottom of the stairs which is an all-time record for me…but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about the future.


I am jump-up-and-down stark raving excited about writing in 2014.

First off, 2014 means House of Gammen, the sixth and final book of the Midnight Guardian series. Whoop! It all comes together in this last book, stringing together all five of the previous books to weave the big finale. Drama promised.

Writing on HoG is coming along very quickly. No release date yet, but I’m shooting for spring. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I’m also 50% through Werewolf Biology, the first installment in what I’m calling the Ice Wolves Trilogy. Did you know that in Alaska there are two types of wolves, timber and tundra? Werewolf Biology turns this true fact on its ear in a story of two Hatfield and McCoy-style, feuding werewolf packs and the girl who walks the line between. The YA paranormal is set in the small town of Eagle River, Alaska.

The third project I’m working on has been keeping me up a lot lately. I’ve always wanted to write a Mothman book, as that particular creature is a local legend. So I’ve decided that 2014 is my year to do it.

Gorgeous teen drummer Eric Jansen, who has had cameos in Shadows Rising and Book of the Lost, is the main character accompanied by book blogger Bridget North. I’m still in pre-writing, but I foresee this being a open-ended YA series of standalone mysteries.

Other stuff. Yeah, I’ve got some other ideas tumblin’ around in the old noggin. I have a partially written YA Christian novel about a girl who starts seeing pieces of God’s master plan after a horrific accident takes the lives of her parents. I’ve also been toying with some ideas for a children’s mystery series and a middle grade Midnight Guardian spin-off about the time-traveling adventures of Ann’s younger sister, The Katie Chronicles.

So 2014 is bound to be busy, busy, busy. Better get started!

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