Weekend update

photo (18)Okay, so I’ve been cultivating my hermit tendencies lately. I realize that it’s been almost a month, A MONTH, since I last posted. Sorry guys, but I swear it’s been necessity. I’ve been locked away in my “cave of concentration” (love that phrase from Chelsea Fine’s Archers of Avalon series).

So what have I been doing? Plenty. Book 5 of the Midnight Guardian series, Book of the Lost, desperately needed some attention. I am happy to report that it’s well on its way to seeing the light of day.

Death. Love. Werewolves. Jealousy. Shadows. Prom. Unionists. Betrayal. A New Emperor. Graduation.

Need I say more? No release date yet, but soon. I promise.

In addition to Book of the Lost,  author K.C. Blake and I have been spending many long nights on a new project. No, it’s not a novel, but it is SO exciting. Wish I could spill. Look for a major announcement on October 1.

Don’t forget House of Gammen, the sixth and final book in the Midnight Guardian series. The book is still on track for year end, just in time for the holidays.

Before we know it, 2014 will be smacking us in the forehead. My plans for the new year include inking a new Hatfields and McCoys inspired trilogy. Oh yeah. And it’s set in Alaska. Oh yeah. And it has werewolves. Yeah, I know!

I’ve also been developing a contemporary Mothman novel featuring super-hot drummer Eric Jansen who was introduced in Shadows Rising (Midnight Guardian #4). Remember the eagle tattoo Keira spotted on his arm? Yeah, that wasn’t an eagle.

Never heard of Mothman? You’re in luck. The Mothman Festival is the weekend after next. I always enjoy going, but can’t make it this year. So please, go so that I can live vicariously through you. Don’t forget to get your pic taken with the Men in Black.

Thanks for checking in on me. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from the good ol’ blog and get some work in. 🙂

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