Dodgeball and the meaning of life

Gallia Charity Dodgeball Tourney

Last Friday, I had the honor of being a host for the annual Gallia Charity Dodgeball Tournament to benefit the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life. It’s a double elimination tournament for adults only, and it’s a good thing, because those six balls go by fast and hard (no dirty joke intended).

As I sat at the announcer’s table in the bleachers, I started thinking about the game. It’s no wonder this game started in elementary schools. It teaches so many life lessons. It occurred to me that things that are true for dodgeball are also true for life in general. So just for fun, consider the following:

  • Practice makes a difference
  • You let your friends down when you cross a line
  • It’s more important to (throw) give than to (get hit) receive
  • Substitutions are never as good as the original
  • If you aren’t paying attention, you could get smacked in the face

Hope you enjoyed my list. If you think of any more, be sure to add them in the comments.