YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Contest

Congrats to Emma Michaels, winner of last week's big YA Indie Carnival Anniversary Giveaway. Emma receives 13 indie novels including books 1-3 of the Midnight Guardian series. Nice! The giveaway was so much fun that we're having another contest this week. Join the YA Indie Carnival for our Chemistry Contest. Here's how it works: Each … Continue reading YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Contest

WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

This week's YA Indie Carnival topic is Work in Progress. I have a special treat for you, an exclusive sneak peek at Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian Series, Shadows Rising, which hits stores this fall. ------------------- The scent of orange and ginger meat roasting over an open flame was nearly choked out by the … Continue reading WIP: Shadows Rising Sneak Peek

Does a Sequel Affect the Original?

When asked if there would be a sequel for E.T., Steven Spielberg said that he would never make it. He felt that a sequel would just degrade the original work. Spielberg has, of course, gone on to make many sequels of many of his movies, but still left E.T. as a standalone. So what goes … Continue reading Does a Sequel Affect the Original?

Easter Eggs: Midnight Child

Happy Easter everyone! As has now become tradition, I present the 2nd annual Easter egg post. This year's post is all about "Easter Eggs" (those little hidden treasures) in my newest book, Midnight Child, Book 3 in the Midnight Guardian series. So, here are the stories behind the story. Enjoy! frog princess ornament & decorating … Continue reading Easter Eggs: Midnight Child


This week's YA Indie Carnival hot topic is The Hunger Games. Carnival writers and reviewers were asked to reap a boy and girl "tribute" to compete. Thinking on the Midnight Guardian Series, Brun and Broo Gammen immediately come to mind. I know what you're thinking. Yes, brother and sister against each other means big drama. … Continue reading Hunger Games: DISTRICT INDIE