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School Visits

Bryna is available for school visits in Ohio, West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. No boring lectures here. She believes interactive lessons are key to getting kids excited about fiction reading and writing. Fee for a school visit is $150. This fee is waived or discounted for schools that participate in the Book Pre-Order program.

Here are some of the tried and true programs she has implemented in the classroom.

Character Builder Workshop: Middle & High School | approx. 30 minutes

Each student receives a preview book for the Midnight Guardian series. They will pick out a picture in the book to act as the foundation for a new character of their own creation. Using the Character Builder Worksheet, Bryna leads students through the process, explaining how each characteristic impacts story elements and what factors to consider in choosing characteristics.

Character Builder Workshop: Elementary | approx. 30 minutes

A simplified version of the Middle & High School workshop, students will focus on major characteristics to form a basic character. Recommended for grades 3-5.

Storytime with Bryna | approx. 15-25 minutes

Bryna invites students to gather around as she reads a favorite picture book. Students will be asked questions and solicited for feedback throughout the pages, immersing them in the experience of the story. Recommended for pre-school groups and grades K-2.

The Guardian’s Coil | approx. 20 minutes

In the Midnight Guardian Series, guardians use a mystical wind called the Coil. Like guardians in training, your students will get a chance to see and even touch a captive coil. For this fun experience, a tornado demonstration unit is set up in the classroom. Students may disrupt the coil by placing their hand in the windstream, then watch it re-form as they pull their hand away. Guaranteed to amaze kids and adults alike. Close proximity to an electrical outlet is required. Recommended for all ages.

Keynote Address | approx. 20 minutes

Bryna shares her journey from a kid who hated books to an adult who couldn’t live without them. Address can be tailored to event or age group.

Custom Experiences available upon request

Have something specific in mind? No problem. Just send Bryna the details, and she will work with you on an experience that is sure to rouse excitement in even the most reluctant student.

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