Easter Eggs for Red Feather Girl

Love this tradition!

A few weeks after each new release, I spill the hidden little somethings that I like to call Easter Eggs. Here are the eggs for Red Feather Girl, the new short story included in the Amazon Exclusive edition of The Complete Midnight Guardian Series. 

Read the story first, this post contains SPOILERS. Read More


Fifth Anniversary…good times

2016 is the fifth anniversary of Of Sun & Moon and the start of the Midnight Guardian series. I couldn’t let it just slip by.

Well, I guess I could. But I didn’t want to. After all, no one likes a forgotten anniversary.

To celebrate, I’ve put together a box set of the complete series as a single ebook. The Complete Midnight Guardian Series includes all six novels and the Siren’s Call short story (from Wattpad and included in the print versions of Shadows Rising). I’ve also included a never before published short called Red Feather Girl. It’s a romantic adventure that takes place after House of Gammen. Also included is my own character artwork at the beginning of each novel and short.

The Complete Midnight Guardian Series is an Amazon Kindle exclusive. It releases December 13th, but you can preorder it now. Here’s the link:

There’s also a song.


To make this anniversary super extra special, I commissioned a song from Beth Crowley. I met Beth briefly a couple of years ago when she introduced me to her music. You’ll find her on YouTube and iTunes where she belts out her original, book-inspired tunes with the passion of a true fangirl.

Being a drooling fangirl myself, I found an instant connection. I contacted Beth and she began work on The Dark. Inspired by the Midnight Guardian series, it delves into Keira’s conflicting feelings for Brun.

The tune is haunting. The lyrics are beautiful. The vocals break my heart and make me cry for more. Seriously. I can’t wait for you to hear it. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long. The song will be available on iTunes on Dec. 12.Some free codes are burning a hole in my inbox  so join me at Britt Cole’s Searching Release Party on Dec. 15th during the hour of 7 pm eastern/ 6 central and you might just get one. Party goers will also get a look at the lyric video.

Thanks everyone for your support of Keira and Colby’s story. Without you, this series wouldn’t be. Happy 5th Anniversary to all of you!




Top Secret Anniversary Project Unveiled

I can’t keep quiet any longer!!!!!

2016 marks been five years since the first Midnight Guardian book was published, and I’ve gone beyond the book world to celebrate! These past weeks, I’ve been working on a top secret project. It all starts with a song commissioned from singer/songwriter Beth Crowley inspired by the world of Midnight Guardian.

beth crowley.jpgYes, THE Beth Crowley. Singer of stunning, YA book-inspired songs like Warrior, Skin and Bones, and Gone.

The song, commissioned for the anniversary of the series, will debut days prior to another big surprise…the release of the Amazon Kindle Exclusive Fifth Anniversary Edition of The Complete Midnight Guardian Series on December 13th. The fifth anniversary edition includes all six novels in the series, the Siren’s Call short story, a NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED Midnight Guardian short called Red Feather Girland new character artwork!

series.jpgYou can Pre-Order The Complete Midnight Guardian Series Fifth Anniversary Edition now. Watch me on Facebook for updates on the debut of Beth’s Midnight Guardian-inspired song.


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2016 Fall Premieres

It’s that time of year again. Time to check the DVR every day because it’s filling up quickly with new episodes and premieres. So much to talk about, I’m going to do this in a few parts, with a new post each week. *SPOILERS* Read More


Easter Eggs for House of Gammen

Time to get crackin’ on finding those little gems and background bits mixed into my latest novel. **Spoilers** Read More


House of Gammen in Stores Now


House of Gammen is finally here!

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I’m sitting in my living room looking at the final paperback proof, and I can’t believe it. What a ride it’s been.

I started writing the Midnight Guardian story back in 2010. At the time, my hubby and I were building our house. I would work all day at the office. Come home and do a quick change. Head over to the construction site and paint or do whatever else needed to be done until late. Maybe grab a sandwich if I was lucky. Then when I finally got home, take a shower and plop on the floor and being writing this crazy story that somehow poured out of me at the most inconvenient time.

And I’m so glad it did.

Six books later, I’m so glad it did.

I hope you enjoy House of Gammen.


Beta readers were thrilled that I brought back so many favorite characters as we move forward to the Fall like the Werewolf Whisperer, Nana,  Drew, Mikey, Katie, the shadows, Broo, and a couple of others that I don’t want to spoil. I couldn’t stand to wrap things up without them.

The paperback is the most beautiful I’ve published. It has some unique pages including a special Foreword to the MG fans with a beautiful sun and moon watermark. And the front cover, I can’t get over the haunting mogdoc green eyes.

Next week, I’ll post easter eggs for the last book, so be on the lookout for that post. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey. You mean so much to me!


Read the exciting conclusion to the series that started with Of Sun & Moon, #1 Teen Supernatural Mystery, #1 Teen Romantic Mystery, #1 Time Travel on the US & UK Kindle Free Charts for January & February 2014.

With one friend trapped in time and the other chasing down a ghost, Keira Ryan must find it in herself to move past the damage caused by her misplaced trust and fulfill her destiny to bring forth the fall of the House of Gammen. Can she defeat the royal line before the gremlin-like creatures of Atlantis cross into our world?

All your favorite characters are back in House of Gammen, the perfect culmination of this teen, light fantasy series. Readers have fallen in love with the story based in magic, but set in the rural heartland of America.


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