Interview with Heather Hildenbrand

Wahoo! Today’s fun is all about getting to know The Society of YA Storytellers authors. My assignment–interview the brilliant and #hashtagaddicted HEATHER HILDENBRAND. After the interview, trek on over to The Society’s site for Heather’s “Whose Dream Girl Are You?” Quiz in the Game Zone.


Me: Can you tell me about your recently released work?

HH: My most recent title is A Risk Worth Taking, which is actually an NA [New Adult, mature audiences] instead of YA. Basically, the difference between it and my past titles is this: No werewolves, and I got to write more bad words and lots more kissing. it was definitely different! And I made my mom promise she can never, ever read it. Especially ch 22. 

Me: Do you see any current trends in YA literature?
HH: Oh yes, I think everything sort of circles back. Right now, the darker, grittier contemps are big and paranormal is sort of in the background. But I think that’s getting ready to circle back around again in 2014. The paranormal lovers are loyal and all it takes is one fantastic new release to get everybody crazy about vampires and fairies again!

Me: What book do you hope to see under the Christmas tree?

HH: Hmm. I am really on a non-fiction kick right now and there’s one called, The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment that I heard was really good. So maybe that. And for fiction, I haven’t read Allegiant yet and despite all the people screaming and yelling, (I plugged my ears and thankfully heard no spoilers) I really want to read that one! #Fourisaten

Me: What is your favorite holiday movie or book and why?

HH: I don’t know if I have a favorite holiday movie. The Santa Clause maybe #suchamom and for book, I recently read Tiffany King’s, Cross Country Christmas. It’s a novella but it was adorable, sweet and hot. I loved it!

Me: What is your favorite quote (book or movie)?

HH: I have a ton. These: Take off that vest, you look like Aladdin (Superbad). Make good choices (Pitch Perfect). Seven… try eight. Eight? (Little Rascals). Maktub (The Alchemist), It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, you ain’t got sh*t to do! (Friday). Oh, Alfalfa, you’re so nice for bringing me here (Little Rascals). Hey, that’s my cigar, you’ll steal another. Hey Bummers, we got work to do. Since when did you become me mother? …. (song from Newsies. I know every word to that movie.). I will stop here because otherwise, it will spiral.
Me: What is your favorite Christmas recipe?

HH: My grandmother used to make these homemade cinnamon rolls and I miss them so much! Even with the written recipe, my sister has a hard time replicating her masterpiece. They were amazing!

Me: Have any future book projects in the works?

HH: Right now, I’m writing Imitation #2. It will be out first part of next year. I should have a release date and cover sometime in January. After that, it’s the next Dirty Blood book. Woohoo! 

Can’t wait! Learn more about Heather Hildenbrand @

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