Getting asked about Book 4 in the Midnight Guardian series is a daily occurrence now, so I thought I would give everyone a quick update.

The title’s going to be Shadows Rising. I haven’t set a tentative release date except for “Fall 2012” because I’m sort of a freak about deadlines (comes from my journalism days). I absolutely refuse to miss a deadline. So here’s my crazy logic—if I don’t have a deadline set, there’s not one to miss and you benefit from a story that’s properly “baked”.

At this point, I had hoped to be in final edits with a release at the end of September. That won’t happen, but don’t worry. Even though I’m behind schedule, everything’s quickly falling into place.  Plus, because I’m an indie author, the publishing process moves much faster. Technically, I can publish the minute after the last edit’s made. That won’t happen either, but I’m still anticipating an autumn release, hopefully *fingers crossed* before Halloween.

Strangely, I’ve found the task of writing this book, as the 4th in a series of 6, to be a little emotional for me. We’re now past the midpoint and I already feel like I’m starting to say goodbye to my baby.

Cover art is being finalized – looks like Brun’s gorgeous mug will grace the cover this time. Cover reveal date will be forthcoming. I keep tossing around the idea of a video reveal, rather than just a pic.

I’ve also been asked about a public Launch Party. The last one was so much fun and the attendance was phenomenal, but I’m thinking that I’d like to change it up, especially with Halloween right around the same time as my projected launch. Open to ideas if you got them.

Talk to you soon. Better get back to writing.  ~Bryna